Some much need grant money is now available for ALL storm impacted residents in Douglas County (see post below). West Central MN Communities Action  has this posted on its Facebook page, Douglas County has also posted it. Please share it on your page if you have one. This grant funding is from the Alexandria Area Response Fund and is administered through West Central MN Communities Action. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Good morning, below is very important information for all storm impacted Douglas County residents. Please share with friends, family and neighbors who may not see this post.

West Central MN Communities Action, looking for households who were impacted by the storms this past May. Things we may be able to help with to offset the cost-of-living expenses include:

Mortgage Payments

Electric Bills

Insurance Deductibles

Tree Service Removal

Gas & Grocery gift cards

Rental Payments

* We cannot reimburse households for services that have already been paid.

* We cannot pay you directly unless it’s a gift card for groceries or gas.

* We will need a copy of an estimate or invoice from the entity needing to be paid, as well as a W-9 from the business we would be paying.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

If something wasn’t listed above that your curious about feel free to call and we can try to see what we can do.

Main Office Number: 320-304-3457 — at West Central MN Communities Action, Inc.


Encroachments are not  allowed in the Township Road Right of Way which includes, metal posts, fiber posts, wood posts, landscape walls, sprinkler systems, etc.  The only things allowed in the Township  Road Right of Way are mailboxes, E-911 signs, official road signs and public utilities. Encroachments in the Township  Road Right of way are a liability to both the landowner and the Township.  This is mandated by Minnesota Statutes. If you have any encroachments in the Township Road Right of Way please remove  them immediately.

*Please spray or cut your noxious weeds in the Township.  If you have any weed concerns please feel free to contact Kelly Beilke, Clerk at or 763-7482.

* Please remember not to throw your grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs/sticks in the township ditch in the Township Road right of way.

* Please do not plow snow across Township Roads and right of ways.

* Please remember during summer landscape projects that you keep all lawn watering systems, landscape block, trees, pedestals out of the township right of way.  The only things legally allowed in the Township right of way is mailboxes, public utilities and E-911 signs.

* Burning permits are obtained from  the DNR website

* Boring private utilities underneath township roads and right-of-ways is not allowed as these lines cannot be located by Gopher One locate and are dangerous to utility workers and road maintenance workers. Only public utilities are allowed in Township Roads and right of ways.