Black Top Policy

Blacktop Policy


Blacktop one or more miles in even numbered years in conjunction with county tar projects. Board wants 95% of the monies paid up front on the road tarring prior to blacktop bid being let.

All assessments should be paid up front unless discretion of board on special tar projects. Assessments: Assessments to be for not more than five years plus interest the length of the loan.

A. Cost share between township and landowners.
100% upgrading of road area prior to 0% upgrading of road area prior to
improvement improvement
50% construction costs 50% construction costs
0% engineering and contingencies 100% engineering and contingencies
0% legal and admininstrative costs 100% legal and administrative costs

B. Standards for proper assessments.
1. The property benefits from the improvement;
2. The assessment does not exceed the increase in value of property due to the
improvement; and
3. The assessment is uniform.

Benefits from an improvement are calculated based on the highest and best use
of the land. Present use of the land is not the controlling factor in determining
whether the land has received benefit from the improvement. Rather, the test
is whether the land presently could be used for purposes which would benefit
from the improvement.

C. Allocation of assessments between landowners.
Each buildable platted lot or pacel serviced by one road being paved, which does not already have abutting pavement at a point of access. ONE FULL ASSESSMENT
* Preliminary Plats included. ONE FULL ASSESSMENT
*Platted lots which are vacated prior to the assessment proceedings in anticipation of the improvement project (in the discretion of the Town Board) ONE FULL ASSESSMENT
Each buildable platted lot or parcel serviced by two roads being paved. ONE AND ONE-HALF ASSESSMENT
Each buildable platted lot or parcel which already has paved access, but is receiving paving along some other side or sides of the property. ONE-HALF ASSESSMENT.
Each buildable non-abutting parcel receivng significant benefit from tarring project accessing their property. ONE FULL ASSESSMENT
Each buildable non-conforming lot adjacent to a lot or parcel already receiving a full assessment. ONE-HALF ASSESSMENT
Adjoining buildable lots or parcels with a significant building structure over the boundary line making the remaining property inseparable for marketability purposes. ONE FULL ASSESSMENT
Resort or business properties on large parcels receiving proportionately more benefit from the paving project than individual residential lots. TO BE DETERMINED BASED ON BENEFIT BY A CASE-BY-CASE ANALYSIS.

The Town Board may make exceptions to these assessment guidelines on a case-by-case basis upon making specific findings in the Town Board minutes that such exception is necessary, is equitable and within the requirements for assessments outlined in Section B